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e▓d, and worried sick over the f●ate of his helpless wife and c▓hildren, could not stan

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d this other bolt fro●m the sky; this punishment for some▓thing he did not understand,▓

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in the form of terrible torture in a ●pitch dark cell, without food or w▓ater, for an i

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nfraction of unk●nown rules; and he broke down comp●letely under the strain.When he came

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out● of the cooler he was, as the keeper declared,● completely bug-house. For so▓me

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time we were kept busy watchin▓g the peddler; even his shoes had to b●e taken from unde


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r his bed a▓s he tried to knock the heels into his▓ skull. Much to my dismay, I was put to sl●eep near his bed.Half a dozen times he tri●ed[Pg 132] to strangle himself▓, and on the morning of his r▓elease, while I was asleep with my back● to him, he jumped on my bed li●ke a cat, a

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ace. XIV T▓     he hospital ha
s become a sort of obs▓ervato

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nd with his two powerful hands tri●ed to choke me to death.Convicts cam▓e to my rescue; and when he was● asked the reason for his attemp▓t on my life, he calmly declared that▓ it was because I had signed the ▓war

ry for the insane.But all th

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rant for his death at nine o'clock in the mor●ning. When we took him downstairs l●ater, he refused to change his st▓riped suit for his street clothes, and shout▓ed that he had made up his mind to die i▓n the co

e convi●cts who show signs of

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oler at nine o'clock●.His wife had to be brought over fr●om the 54th Street side, and she ind●uced him to dress and go home. A ▓religious maniac was put under our care a week● before his release.His particular

insanity are not br●ought up t

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▓delusion was that he was preaching in the des▓ert.When a keeper approached to silence him, he▓ lifted his right arm and, with eyes po●pping out of their sockets and a te▓rrified look on his face, he s●houted in

o the hospital. Confine●ment i

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a [Pg 133]stentorian voice: Vade re●tro satanas! (Get thee behind me, Satan!) ▓I say, for it is written, thou● shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him only▓ shalt thou serve! In his sane moments● he was silent

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the night, were interrupted by excursions▓ under beds and tables, while● he barked like a dog at any one ●who tried to stop him.He was then impersonati●ng the champion bulldog,

  • cise from Saturday af▓ternoon to Monday morning, and t▓he punishme
  • nt in the cooler, are respo▓nsible for most of the cases of ins
  • anity. ●When the supposedly insane convicts do n●ot try to
  • commit suicide, or do not keep the ▓prison section awake at nig
  • ht by the●ir yells, they are usually kept in solitary● confinement in
  • a cell, somet▓imes for weeks at a time, until at last t
  • hey ar▓e visited by doctors and declared insan●e. An Italian
  • peddler who claimed to have b▓een sentenced unjustly for buying s
  • t▓olen copper wire, was found with▓in a few weeks after his ar

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Rodney Stone. ▓ Another addition to our colle▓ction of the insane was a giant n▓egro; but fortunately the expression of his● derangement was only

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before● meals, when he knelt at the table, ▓saying grace, but refusing all food▓. Even Matteawan sent us a man who was supp●osed to be cured.He w

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as a muscular,[▓Pg 134] low-browed German sailor who▓ spoke bad, ungrammatical German and wors●e English.An accident to his▓ leg brought him upstair

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and with two tin cups in his ce●ll.One cup had been left behind by a rel●eased convict, the other be

s, and when

the doctor ▓undressed him we saw that his whole body was▓ covered with blue and red tatt▓oos, primitive and childish drawings of▓ nude fig

a keeper.When

▓ Although he could not have known of the i●nfraction of the rules, he was dragged to● the wall by

ures, which

reminded me of ●some of Matisse's masterpieces. He a▓sked us every few hours in a terrified w▓hisper if we did not see the furnit▓ure a